D&I stands for Difference is Inevitable (and only natural)

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  1. Gender and race — Lately, very fairly when we speak about D&I we narrow it down to gender and race, forgetting to claim the wealth of values laying in every one of us from which we can learn. Make sure that all differences are welcomed and equally cared for.
  • Celebrate different nationalities by promoting food traditions and dishes as everyone will be happy to share their favourite homemade cravings. Where I work we created amazing Global Cook Book with the recipes from around the world from our colleagues. My team (when we could) organised thematic ethnic lunches where we would together explore different cuisines and shared delicious meals.
  • Encourage employees to proactively share the traditions and customs they bring from their homelands.
  • Create travel allowances for those who need to frequently travel to visit their family in their home country or give them a few more days of annual leave. They will know to appreciate it and give back.
  • In job posts state explicitly that candidate can choose in which language they can do the interview (for example, English and the local language) — it will make a lot of difference, trust me!
  • Make sure your organization is accessible in every way — wether people are entering blind, coloured, on wheels or digitally!
  • Talk openly about gender pay inequalities, show data around it and actions you are taking to minimize it.
  • Create and strengthen anti-discriminatory and anti-harassment policies — walk the talk!
  • Make sure that your leadership is the best representation of your workforce!
  • Be open!



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Snezana Djurisic

Snezana Djurisic


Sne has a background in psychology and experience in multiple sectors HR, Talent, Product and Tech Community management, writing, brewing beer and baking